Pure Scented Soy Body Candles

Pure White Soy Body Candles

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Grab the perfect candle collection for gifting! This set of three beautifully scented Soy body candles will keep your home smelling good and your skin glistening. A candle for each room of your home! 

Simple No. 071: Blended notes of citrus, soft florals, exotic wood with added hints of musk, vanilla and tonka bean. 

Honest No. 051: Mixed notes of bold florals, warm fragrant amber and a light throw of woodsy musk. 

Humble No. 049: Cheerful citrus top notes blended with the scent of botanicals with an exotic wood base. 

Body use: Once a wax pool forms, extinguish the flame and allow wax to cool slightly. Use your fingers to carefully collect wax for application on skin. Massage into hands to experience a fragrant moisture locking barrier against the cold, dry weather.